Focus on the chain: calf feed production

An important link in our chain is formed by our seven calf feed businesses: Alpuro, Navobi, Schils, Tentego, Zoogamma, Kalmi Italia and Inntaler. Our companies are located in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. For our calves, what matters is that they receive good, balanced feed. This contributes to the animals’ welfare and the health of the calves.

In addition to calf milk, we feed the calves fibrous dry feed. Up until the age of 15 weeks, they receive at least 200 grams per day and from 15 weeks, they receive at least 500 grams per day. At least 10% of this high-fibre feed is long-fibre (straw). Long fibre feed requires calves to chew and ruminate for a long time; this stimulates digestion in the rumen and helps prevent anaemia. Jan Kroes is an employee at Navobi and works on the production of calf milk powder. He explains: “For the production of calf milk powder, we make use of waste products from the dairy industry: whey that is left over from making cheese and skimmed milk powder, which is created when making butter. The combination of whey and skimmed milk powder supplemented with fats, vitamins and minerals yields a product that enables our calves to grow well. Our team of 20 people safeguards the quality of the product.”  Navobi, like the other VanDrie Group calf feed companies, believes in innovation. Jan continues: “We need to respond to developments in the dairy market. While whey used to truly be a waste product, it is now used much more in the human sector. Innovation is the only way to stay ahead. I am certain that we and our team will succeed in properly implementing our company’s innovation mandate."

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